Since 2003, Jack Chandler's Ice Age Jazztet has performed at numerous high-profile jazz venues, as well as private and corporate events throughout Southern California. The Ice Age Jazztet's debut performance took place at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Boulevard

Presently based in Sacramento and the Bay Area, the members of the Jazztet (Jack Chandler on saxes & flute, Paul Relvas on bass, and Ron Ochoa on drums & percussion) work from a broad palette, mixing straight-ahead & Latin Jazz, reggae, r & b, and international styles.

The Ice Age Jazztet has the capability to add guitar and/or keyboards, depending on client preferences.

What separates the Ice Age Jazztet from any other jazz combo? Playing to the room. Subtle and evocative, lush and atmospheric, or exuberant and dynamic: music for any mood or setting, brought to you directly from the Ice Age.

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